We have instructed W H Accounting and Advisory, over many years, to complete tax returns for our Estates department. They have provided comprehensive reports and returns which the Trustees for the Estates have approved and signed off.

We have found W H Accounting and Advisory to be very efficient and reliable and they are very friendly to deal with. It is always great to deal with people who have a passion for their work.

Simon Stock Lawyers

We have been clients of Warren since the inception of his business, 10 years ago. Warren at all times, has been wonderful; he is knowledgeable, approachable, prompt and has a firm ethical base with all his dealings with us. One of the most important traits, we believe, when dealing with a professional is trust and we trust Warren fully with our accounts and would fully recommend him to anyone else who values this.

Hamish and Kerri Mason, Lifestyle block partnership

I value their accessibility, professionalism at all times, problem solving and clear explanations to any questions and direct involvement in my business. WHAA has been intimately involved in my business acquisition, advised on all aspects of the setup, helped streamline processes and provided headache free accountancy and planning advice! WHAA is a quality provider of accountancy services, they have added value, are nice people and are an integral part of my business.

Andrew Hay, Veterinarian

I find WHAA helpful, informative and professional. They have helped me establish a business and provide sensible suggestions as to how to move the business forwards. I only ever refer people to companies who genuinely add value.

Charles Watson, Geologist

I have been with Warren for years now and I am very happy with the service as my accountant to the point that I have recommended many others to Warren and the extensive service he can provide. As an accountant Warren has proven himself to me to be a trusted accountant and adviser, I have never had a problem with the IRD as a result and Warren’s advice has been helpful in business as well. Warren leads a team that are professional but also warm and friendly, I have had a lot of dealings with Karen, she is a joy to work with. Working with Warren and his team is not the normal dry boring put yourself to sleep in five minutes accountants; they work with you and for you, with your best interest in mind. So accountants do a lot of talking but when it comes down to it, when you want a real accountant, Warren does the business.

Martin Bakker, Manufacturer and Property Investor

Canterbury Canvas Services Ltd, find working with WHAA is a stress free pleasure, they are very efficient with all accountancy matters and have a wide knowledge of all business requirements. Banklink is a fantastic tool, which Warren & Team advised us to use when first starting our business. We would have great pleasure referring other companies to WHAA, with their efficient, no hassle services.

Martyn Sim, Canvas Installation Services

The first thing we were impressed by was WHAA’s integrity, secondly their knowledge of financial systems those who live and work overseas as we do. When unsure, WHAA did their research, and delivered the correct and most helpful advice.

Bob & Linda Green, Property Investors

WHAA are always available when you need advice and very polite. Karen our consultant is a pleasure to work with. I have more time to concentrate on my business. I would refer these guys anytime.

Lance Pengelly, Painter

Hassle free, good old fashioned reliable service with a genuine smile. WHAA has worked with us in providing appropriate accounting solutions for our business and are always happy to provide practical advice and ideas to improve the efficient running of our business. In our experience WH Accounting and Advisory meet all our business needs.

Hamish Allan, Artist

Warren and his team are knowledgeable and are always very helpful. I have appreciated the quick response we have always had when dealing with WHAA.

David Moore, Electromedical Testing Services

I enjoy working with Warren and his staff because they provide a service where accounts and books can be left in their trustworthy hands for auditing and processing. After a short time, I am informed of how much is owed to the IRD and am able to plan ahead provisional payments with the least amount of concern or worry. Warren sends out periodical newsletters with accounting tips for the lay-person. The newsletter is not too long that it requires more than 15 minutes to sit down and read. Very informative and well worth reading. I Believe Warren is upfront, open and an entirely honest accountant with the highest level of integrity and a very professional approach to his work. I have complete faith that any work completed for me by Warren and his staff is completely above board and have no fear of reproach by the IRD.

Greg Van Grondelle, Pilot & Property Investor

WH Accounting & Advisory is a down to earth accounting firm who are able to keep things simple and easy – even though my accounts aren’t always that simple! I’m never afraid to pick up the phone and ask questions and I know warren has my best interests at heart. Warren has identified ways to simplify my tax setup and lessen my compliance costs. Having WH Accounting & Advisory on board has meant I’ve paid less tax, less penalties and ive enjoyed a sense of comfort knowing they have things under control. Warren is honest and reliable and great value for money. Not always easy to find.

Lissa Birse, Self-employed contractor

We like the fact that WHAA is a smaller company with personal service – you don’t feel like a “number”. Extremely efficient and competent. We don’t have to worry about doing all our accounting ourselves and it is peace of mind and easy for us. It’s the personal contact and everything is done on time, no chasing up from our end, we love the folders provided also – it really helps us get organised. Friendly staff also when we make phone calls. WHAA is professional, honest and efficient with fairly priced invoices also. We would recommend to our friends and business associates wherever possible.

Bridget Sevier, Self-employed Contractor

WHAA is close to my work base, prompt with dealing with my return, no corporate ba*sh*t. They have accurately dealt with my returns to IRD resulting in no problems. WHAA maximises the amount of my refund. I am happy to recommend them to other salespeople.

Brian Montgomery, Real Estate Agent

WHAA provide very efficient service – you will have no problems if you follow their advice. I have referred two other businesses to WHAA and they are very impressed.

Peter Carmine, Roofing Product Supplier

Warren & Team are always very pleasant to deal with. Warren has taken care of my accounts for a number of years now and he has always offered sound advice through a variety of changing circumstances. I suppose at the end of the day accounting and facts speak for themselves, however I’ve always felt confidently that Warren has my best interests at heart and his level of service certainly reflects that. I believe the advice I’ve received from Warren over the years has certainly saved me from possible mistakes. Also through tougher times Warren has been able to offer guidelines and ideas on how to keeps things together as best you can. As I trust Warren without question I am able to leave much of the tax work to him and concentrate on what I do best. Trust is valuable.

Shawn Watson, Painter

Warren is always very approachable and open to discussion. Helped create financial tools to aid in future planning and ensured our day to day costs were appropriately checked and balanced. Good Advice at good value and peace of mind knowing we have timely and accurate accounts created for all bureaucratic and planning needs.

Amanda & Phil Jack, Preschool Operators

WHAA provides friendly, prompt service. They have provided advice and mentoring and are friendly and very professional.

Richard Sands, Musician

WHAA are always available to give advice. Nothing is a bother, they are very obliging. They give us advance notice of all taxation obligations, nothing is left to chance. WHAA have organised and upgraded our accounting methods and separated our business into different entities. They are very efficient and knowledgeable about all accounting and taxation matters.

Chris & Erica Cooper, Roofing Specialists

WH Accounting & Advisory has made my transition from sole trader to registered company super easy. They are very approachable, professional and extremely helpful. Being in the first year of this business format they have gone out of their way to make it as comfortable as possible for me. Your firm has given me excellent advice and guidance. Up skilled my knowledge & comprehension of what’s required to increase my chances of success in the business world. I was referred to WH Accounting & Advisory by a former work colleague a few years ago. The level of professionalism is second to none, leaving me in no doubt there wouldn’t be any negative rapport in my dealings with the IRD. WH Accounting & Advisory obviously caters for small companies like mine in the building industry through to large corporates.

Andrew Lewis, GIB Fixer

Every time I visit I feel like I am their only client. They make my business their business and I know they want to be around for a long time. WHAA is just a NAU away from being family.

Sandy & Maia Toa, Musicians

Prompt, efficient service. WHAA reduce the amount of time I waste dealing with certain government organisations.

Kelly Cliffe, IT Contractor

The communication is good and the service is very efficient. If I have a question WHAA are always happy to answer and it’s very easy to understand. I know I don’t have to worry about my tax return because it is in very capable hands. Because WHAA look after their clients very well and their fees are at a reasonable rate.

Chis Moore, Builder

I have had Warren as my accountant now since 2002. I have found him very professional yet he is very approachable and easy to relate to. Very patient even when I’m near the due date to get my paper work in. Consistent and reliable service for 12 years.

Jocelyn Seelen, Rental Property Investor

We had much pleasure in dealing with WH Accounting & Advisory because we found they added value to our business by recommending certain things which improved the way we ran our business. We can thoroughly recommend WH Accounting & Advisory to any business as they answered any queries promptly and I’m sure you will find them very friendly and they run their firm extremely well.

Valmai & Ernie Meinzer, Tourism Venture Operators