Company Start-up

Fixed Fee from $550 plus Companies Office disbursements (plus GST)

Visit us for an initial meeting to discuss the best structure for your business, the important tax considerations and other accounting issues to consider. Allow us to set up your registered office, shareholder and director registers, minute book and address for service with the Companies Office. We will generate the necessary paper work and organise the incorporation of your Company. We will attend to all IRD registrations including applying for an IRD number, attending to GST registration and employer registration (if necessary).


Accounting System Implementation

Fixed Fee from $175 plus Software licence fees (plus GST)

If cloud based software is the appropriate accounting software for you we will attend to the initial software registration and setup and create a chart of accounts for you to begin processing business transactions.


Company Secretary

Fixed Fee from $120 including Companies Office Annual Return Filing Fee (plus GST) per annum

For just $120 (including the $41 Companies Office Annual Return filing fee)  per annum our office will assume the role of Company Secretary for you.

  • Our office will file your Annual Return with the Companies Office each year ensuring your Company remains a legally registered New Zealand Company.
  • As per Companies Act requirements we will notify the Companies Office of any changes in the residential address of all directors and shareholders.
  • You will have the use of our office as your Company’s registered office, address for service and address for communication with the Companies Office.
  • Our office will hold and maintain your share register, register of directors and register of directors’ interests, including updating the registers with any changes and filing all Company minutes and resolutions in your Minute Book.

With your accountant acting as your registered office you have protection from aggrieved creditors or debt collectors trying to contact you directly. Should your business experience financial difficulties statutory demands would be delivered to us rather than you, providing confidentiality and the ability for us to advise you professionally in a timely manner.